Ending to my first project….

Bandcamp: http://ingloriousbeat.bandcamp.com/album/in-glorious-way

free download link: rapidshare.com/files/3583518198/In%20Glorious%20Way.rar

Project 7, tribute to Nobuo Uematsu coming soon.

"An original piece of music by Blake Robinson. This time it’s an older piece brough up to date. This was composed for the Multivaders album for a sudden unveiling of a traitor amongst the ‘good guys’ - I used crazy violins and strings to try and make it dramatic sounding. This version has been remastered and extended from the album release. It has boosted strings, new melodies, a choir and more percussion. If you’re interested in the full soundtrack, it’s still up on iTunes/Amazon/etc (just search for Multivaders).

This is a free download to everyone so that anyone who has bought the album can get the updated version for free. Check out my other tracks as there’s quite a few revamped/redone Multivaders tracks.

FL Studio 8, Kontakt 3 & 4, TASCAM Gigastudio 3, Stylus RMX, Spitfire Albion, Percussion & Harp, Cinesamples VOXOs & HollyWoodWinds, VSL Orchestral Cube, Project SAM Symphobia, Symphobia 2 & True Strike 1, 8dio Requiem Pro, Various Private Orchestral Libraries”


Pppff, let’s see if I ever actually end up finishing something properly

Les montagnes corses s’embrasent dans un crépuscule de feu

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